Apologies for the delay on information surrounding the
Virtual Championship Series. We’ve been sorting the data and working our vendors to deliver awards and apparel and we’ve finally nailed down some dates for you:

AWARDS: We’re pressing towels and organizing awards by team for delivery beginning June 4th.

APPAREL: We ran into some major delays with our art vendor and their vinyl printer, but we’re back in business now and we have a delivery date so we can begin pressing your ordered apparel for delivery beginning June 11th.

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm through the series. It was fun to see all of the athletes racing again after a year of shut downs and COVID craziness.


Go for it, Meatloaf!!!

– E

Natalya, We are so proud of you for your hard work and accomplishments. Keep swimming fast and have fun.

– Mom and Dad

Mom and I are so proud of you, Blake! Keep working hard and reach for the stars!

– Matt Pentecost


– Isaac Carsel


– Alli Kouba

Go Tania B we are so excited about your future in swim. Continue to have fun and be the best you, you can be.

– Kindra Brooks

J-Rag!!! I’m so proud of you! You rock dude 🥰 Love, Mom

– Bonnie Ragland

Tate, it’s so exciting to finally be able to see you compete! And especially on a day where you’re CRUSHING IT! We’re so proud! Love you <3

– Uncle Patrick & Aunt Gina

Go Sophie! We Love You!

– Uncle Chris

Chase (Shmoopy) and Jordyn-Bear…. Have FUN out there! We love you!!

– Mom and Dad

Go Kassi go!!! We are so proud of your achievements!!! Love, Mom and Dad xoxo

– Kristin Parsons

Tate, we are so excited and proud of you! Swim very, very fast and have fun! We love you!

– Grammy & Pops

Have fun and swim fast, Tate! Proud of you buddy!

– Dad

Myra good luck this weekend. Swim fast and have fun!

– Mama Lisa

Good luck Pirates! You all are strong, eager, mighty and love to have fun! All of you are amazing!

– DPCC Families

Woo Hoo Soph!! You CAN do it!! The 500 was my event too, and I know how hard you’ve worked to prepare, so deep breath, dive in and have fun!! Love you!

– Auntie Kim

Swim Fast and Have Fun, Tate

– The Vaughn-Foster Family

Go Marlins!! We are excited to see FAST swims this weekend!

– Coach KK

Callie, we are so proud of all your hard work! Swim Fast! Roll Marlins!

– Steve & Erika Costa

So proud of you Sebastian! Keep swimming and follow your dreams! love you!

– Patrisia Vigil

Swim fast, Tate! You can do this! SNEAK ATTACK! ‐ Love, Mom Melissa and Mom Erin

– Erin Shipp

Swim straight. Swim fast. Don’t DQ.

– CJ Johnson

Go NorthState Narwhals!!! Fun Fast Swimming Family Fun. Good luck

– Camille

Swim fast Livi Lou!! We love you! Love, mom, dad and brother

– Alyssa Tomlinson

AJ we are so proud of you! And your hard work. Great job! Go Sharks Go AJ!

– The Black Family

Teal, wishing you the best of luck in your swim meets and adding to your collection of medals! Swim fast! I know you’ll do great as always! Love and miss you, Alaska Papa

– Alaska Grandpa

Teal, good luck to you in your swim meet! We know you will do awesome! Swim fast like you always do! We love you very much! Alaska Grandma and Papa

– Alaska Grandma

Maia, Gooooo! Proud of all the work you’ve put in to get this far! Swim fast! Go DART!!!

– Dominic, Marie, Anela & Biko Medalle

Brody & Bridget… we are SO PROUD of you!! Go Marlins!!

– Vance & Stephanie Chandler

Teal, we are so proud of you and your drive to constantly raise the bar. Wishing you much success and we love you!

– Creech Family

Good luck to all of the Sierra Nevada Swimmers at your meets…..swim fast!!!

– Ricky Silva, SNS Swimming

Mikayla, we are so inspired and proud to see how far you’ve come in achieving your goals both in and out of the pool.

– Mike and Jen Magri

Aidan and Ava, we are so proud of you guys! Great job.

– Shawn and Mirinda Collins

Go DPCC PIRATES.! Swim fast, swim strong, and have fun!

– The Slaughters


– Phuong Nguyen





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    Promoting swimming by offering competitive and safe opportunities to athletes, support to coaches and educational awareness to clubs and volunteers.

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